Our Mission Statement:

“To provide the highest quality products at competitive prices supported by a great service team.”

Company History:

Willow Supply Inc. was founded in 1994 and purchased by Diane M. Saunders in 1999. Willow stands strong with over 350 customers. We are based in Brooklyn Hts. and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and state of the art products that are used by small and large corporations alike. Willow currently provides products to many different types of businesses, cities, and manufacturing plants. Our success is based on our ability to build and maintain a personalized business relationship with our customers, deliver high quality products at competitive prices supported by a great service.

We sell a variety of products. Floor care, cleaning chemicals, hand cleaners, carpet care, paper products, and general janitorial supplies. Our main line of chemicals is manufactured by National Chemical Laboratories out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who have been in business for over 60 years. These products are offered worldwide.

Products We Offer

These are the various product and brands that we offer.

Floor Care

Brands: Impressions, One, Barebones, Image, Mirage, Ph-enomenal, Pro-steel, Spit Shine.

Carpet Care

Brands: Bio-Kleen Plus, Burst Plus, Edge Plus, Exreme Plus, Foam-Break, Spray Kleen Plus, Tannin’ Out.


Brands: Astro-chem, Bullseye, Ruff n Ready, Sun Spray.


Brands: Lemon-quat, Mint-quat, Nature Solution, Total.

Window/Glass Cleaners

Brands: 20X, C-all, Clear Choice, Kleer Brite, Sea Brite.

Hand Care

Brands: Affirm, Defend, White Pearl.


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